Secure All Critical Transactions with Video Verify

Defeat fraudsters and validate new customers securely with Video+Knowledge-Based Authentication(KBA)+ID Verification, all without adding unnecessary friction.

Bring In-Branch Level Trust to your Digital Channels

Mitigate digital fraud effectively by adding Video Verify into your processes.

Boost trust in your brand with low-friction verification methods that resonate with your members.

Strike the perfect balance between fraud prevention and convenience by digitizing your services with confidence through Eltropy Video Verify.


With no downloads needed for high-quality video, getting started with remote verification is a breeze.
Video-based ID Verification automatically includes human-led facial recognition matching and liveness detection to ensure the identity holder is genuinely present.

ID Verification

Authenticate government-issued IDs online with 50+ forensic tests in seconds. Make quick, evidence-based decisions and stay compliant.
Patented image capture automatically crops, prevents glare and detects document type and region; and machine learning models reveal if a document has been tampered with or forged.

Dynamic KBA

Leverage Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) questions, generated in real-time from a wealth of non-credit data sources, to verify identities, strengthen security and deter fraudsters.
Deliver highly relevant security questions based on non-intrusive demographic data that customers are more comfortable with, so they can more easily recall the correct answers.
Use a wide range of real-time data to generate multiple-choice questions that are different each time, making them more secure and less vulnerable to social engineering fraud attacks.
Instant Link
Send link to a Video Verify meeting anytime on-demand via Text or Email.
Integrated with Appointment Management Solution
Easily schedule a Video Verify meeting from Eltropy Appointment Management or third-party solutions.
Mobile Verify
Verify members on the move by sending the link via Text and using Video Verify on any mobile device.
Record Video Verify meetings and store it as long as you need for compliance, audit and security reasons.

Joint Account Holders Verification

In the same meeting, invite joint account holders and verify all the parties needed before completing the account opening or a transaction.
Escalate to Video Notary
If law dictates notarization, easily add a Notary to the meeting and get documents notarized in the same meeting.
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