Industry’s First Unified Platform For All Things Digital Conversations

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Industry's first AI-Infused Unified Platform for Digital Conversations

Seamless & Simultaneous

Text, Chat, Video & Talk in the same conversation.

Unified Inbox

Bring Communication from all the channels and all the departments into ONE Unified Inbox for your users.

Text Messaging On Steroids

Combine the ease of 1:1 Texting with power of 35+ automation integrations with Core, LOS, Collections, CRM and many more systems.

Video Banking…Not Just a Postage Stamp Video!

Replicate a branch like experience without a branch visit with video, video verify, video check deposit and e-sign.

Be Chatty with many chats at a time

Chat with as many members you want at one time…1, 2, 4, 8!

See what they see

Add CoBrowse to your digital and phone conversations and see what members are seeing on your website and guide them to get things done.
Eltropy Digital Conversations - Cobrowsing Product

Let members choose the channel of their choice

But still be able to add other channels to the same conversation seamlessly and simultaneously.

Let AI be your helper

Leverage AI to be your greeter, your junior partner to answer routine questions and your 24/7 helper after office hours. Your AI helper will hand off the conversation to you that are over its head.

Let AI provide you insights

Our AI is reading all the conversations and scoring & summarizing them securely for you. Leverage this insights when conversing with member to WOW them.

Transfer & Conference

Avoid follow up calls by bringing experts and relatives in same chat and video session.

Unified Routing

With channel agnostic routing, break the channel silos and route the visitors based on your business goals .

Solve 40+ use cases across the enterprise
with Eltropy Unified Platform

Eltropy Unified Platform
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