Contact Center Webinar

From Porous to Powerful: How to Turn Your Contact Center Into a Fraud-Fighting Machine

Happened on Tuesday, June 11, 2024
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The Agenda

Engage in a fireside chat with industry experts on the evolving landscape and challenges of fraud prevention within the CFI sector

Explore the challenges posed by conventional fraud prevention methods and the shift towards cutting-edge technologies like AI and Machine Learning

Your chance to interact with the industry experts! Submit your questions during the webinar or in advance

The Speakers

Picture of Ravi Sandipudi

Ravi Sandipudi

Co-founder and CEO

With 15+ years of fighting fraud experience at Google and PayPal, Ravi is the CEO & Co-founder of Effectiv, an end-to-end fraud and risk management platform for CFIs.

Picture of Prasad Shrotri

Prasad Shrotri

Head of Product

Recognized thought leader in the solutions engineering space, Prasad is currently leading the product at Eltropy, the Industry's first AI Everywhere, Unified Conversations Platform for CFIs.

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