Building Trust and Security: Eltropy’s Video Verify Redefines Digital Banking

In the world of digital banking, trust and security are paramount. Consumers want assurance that their financial transactions are protected from fraudulent activities. Modern technology gives community financial institutions (CFIs) the ability to fight back against fraud, but which tools stand out?

We address these concerns head-on with Video Verify.

Let’s break down what makes it so impactful and powerful:

In an era of sophisticated cyber threats, traditional methods of identity verification fall short. Our Video Verify introduces a new level of security by leveraging cutting-edge facial recognition technology and document verification. Consumers can now authenticate their identities securely through live video interactions, enhancing trust between CFIs and their consumers. With Video Verify, CFIs can minimize the risk of fraudulent activities, all while providing peace of mind to both parties involved.

The Video Verify process is seamless and efficient, enabling consumers to verify their identities without the need for physical visits to a branch. Through our platform, consumers can engage in real-time video interactions with CFI representatives who can remotely authenticate their identities. This eliminates the inconvenience of scheduling appointments and waiting in lines, making identity verification a hassle-free experience for consumers.

By incorporating advanced document verification capabilities, we ensure the authenticity of consumer-provided documents during the Video Verify process. This eliminates the possibility of forged or tampered documents, further bolstering the security of financial transactions. Additionally, the integration of document verification streamlines the overall banking experience, reducing the time and effort required to authenticate consumer information.

In an increasingly digital world, Eltropy’s Video Verify feature sets a new standard for secure identity verification in digital banking. By combining live video interactions, facial recognition technology, and document verification, Eltropy empowers CFIs to build trust with their consumers while minimizing the risk of fraudulent activities. With Video Verify, consumers can authenticate their identities conveniently and securely, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy digital banking experience. 

Jonathan Manousardis

by Jonathan Manousaridis

Marketing Manager

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