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Prevent fraud like a pro
with Digital Communication

Use the combined power of text, video calling, and real-time photo ID verification can help prevent fraud in your call centers and banking systems.

Are you prepared?

Banking fraud is on the rise since 2020


Increase in fraud from 2020-21


Increase in email scams in Q3 2022


Most targeted age group followed by 30-39

All spam are not equal


Sending fraudulent emails or other messages pretending to be a reputable source to get personal information


Sending text messages pretending to be a reputable source to extract personal information


Making fraudulent voice calls or leaving voicemails pretending to be a reputable source to get personal information

Smishing: a new threat for Community Financial Institutions

ARORA CU: Your account verification is pending. Reply with your SSN to confirm ownership of your account.

Spoofing Texts
Fraudster makes slight changes to look like a contact from your FI
Dear Sandra, I am John. Your account representative from Ardel Bank. I see that your account is suspended and needs some authentication from your side. Reply to work with me to revive your account. Shouldn’t take more than 15 mins.
Smishing Texts
Fraudster poses as an agent trying to obtain sensitive info through conversational Text

How can you fight back?

Can’t be done via one avenue

Multistep approach

with multiple tools & layers of security

Security & Compliance

Ensure security & compliance when communicating

Standardize safety

Use Secure Trusted Channels only for communications

How eltropy can help?

Modern authentication tools

Text, Video and real-time ID verification

Heightened level of Security with just MFA

Better way to serve members safely & effectively

The key for banks and credit unions is to blend commonly used technologies into the strength of multi-factor authentication tools. When you have that right blend – Text, Video calling, and Real-time photo ID identification — whether you’re running a call center or integrating with your core banking system, your team achieves peace of mind knowing they have a broad digital and in-branch communications strategy that’s not going to break nor disrupt their current environment.

Ashish Garg
Co-founder & CEO, Eltropy

Ashish Garg

Join us in fighting fraud with digital communication