How “Eltropy Appointment Management” Can Expedite your Loan Processes

Financial institutions are constantly looking for ways to speed up their loan processes, and there are several ways in which to do so. The key is making it easier for your members to get serviced through the loan application process, all while giving your team the proper tools to process those loans at a faster rate. 

Allowing customers to self-serve their loan processes (along with other service timelines) is one of the best ways to speed up that process, and that can be achieved with a top-notch appointment management system. An appointment management system allows your members to self-serve, all while freeing up more time for your loan officers and call center.

Say, for example, a customer heads to your website to learn more about an auto loan. After searching around for a few minutes, they’ve started to get interested, but what’s the next step? Having a phone number or an email address on a ‘contact us’ page is outdated, and doesn’t give a clear next step to your customer, leading to lost opportunities.

But what if you could include an easy link for that customer to book an appointment, either to learn more or to get started? Or what if you could Text a link to that web visitor to follow up with an in-person or virtual appointment? Having a self-service appointment management system gives those members the ability to book appointments and leads to more loan servicing.

Not every loan journey is as linear, however. Some members may want to chat with your call center to learn more about certain loans. For those members, sending a link to book an appointment—either during their call via a Text message, or right after the call—represents an efficient way for your call center to resolve inquiries quicker, all while leading customers down the proper application path.

The cherry on top for a top-tier appointment management system is one that is built with automated appointment reminders. Nobody likes a no-show, and too many no-shows can quickly derail anybody’s schedule—especially a busy loan officer. If a customer doesn’t show up for an appointment, the loan application gets delayed, and the headaches of not being able to get in touch with the customer to complete this process soon follow. When a customer books that appointment, they should be receiving updates and reminders via Text about the appointment, or with options to reschedule or cancel. Taking a page out of the restaurant industry to utilize for your appointment booking practices is sure to lead to fewer no-shows and more completed loans.

Some members can complete a loan application from start to finish, without the need for any intervention. Then, there are some members who need a helping hand every step of the way. But no matter what type of profile your members fit into, putting the power into their hands by allowing them to book appointments at their convenience represents a better way of doing loans: for your members and your team. 

Looking for the dream solution to your appointment booking needs? Good thing it’s already a reality. To find out more about how we’re revolutionizing appointment management for credit unions and community banks like yours, book a demo today.

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by Team Eltropy

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