The Case For Embedding Positive Reviews on your Website

Getting positive reviews is only the first step; and one sure-fire way to utilize reviews to your benefit is by adding and embedding them into your website.

Getting online reviews for your credit union is important, and using those reviews to your benefit can be done in a multitude of ways. These reviews build trust, and with more and more consumers looking at reviews before doing business, the need to drive and showcase positive reviews is incredibly important in this digital age. 

The Benefits

Creates Social Proof

The amount of people looking at online reviews is only increasing, with 98% of people looking at online reviews, and 70% of people looking at online reviews on a weekly basis to make informed decisions about where to take their business. In an increasingly digital age, consumers  are putting more stock into your digital footprint before doing business with you. That’s why for Credit Unions, it’s integral to put that social proof front and center for prospective members to see. By embedding positive reviews  into your website, you take control of the narrative of your online footprint.

Increased Web Engagement

We all know that people want to read reviews, and that takes time. If people are spending more time on your website by reading reviews, that leads them to spend more time overall on your website. Increasing website engagement means giving your members and potential members more of a reason to spend time looking on your website. Studies show that the longer a member spends on your site, or the longer a prospect spends researching on your site, the more likely they are to purchase or do business with you. For example, the longer a prospective member spends reading reviews about the positive experiences your current members have had, the more likely they are to jump to a different page and look into the offerings that those positive reviews reference. 

Build More Trust

What makes Credit Unions special is the hyper focus on member relationships. By highlighting a positive review and putting it front-and-center, you’re doing what a credit union does service-wise from a holistic standpoint. If a member sees their review featured on your website, that builds loyalty, and encourages more members to leave reviews to be featured. Consistently highlighting members that leave positive reviews creates a sort of FOMO effect, driving more positive reviews. The more online reviews your team collects, the more discoverable your Credit Union becomes.

Where To Put A Review

There are a number of different ways in which to embed and display reviews on your website. At the end of the day, you know your member base better than anybody, and should utilize any of the following options as you see fit:

  • Dedicated Member Spotlight Page
  • Home Page “Popout” or Sidebar
  • Blog Post
  • Header Carousel 
  • Top of your Member Sign Up Page

However you decide to display positive reviews on your website, the most important piece is actually posting them on your website. With the power of digital communications and text messaging, getting more positive reviews has never been more straightforward. 

To find out how Credit Unions like yours are building and managing their online digital reputation with Eltropy, request a demo today.

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