Chrysta Bryce

Marketing Manager, Community Service Credit Union

Christa Bryce

Marketing Manager

Community Service Credit Union

What issues are you trying to solve in marketing?

“Not just in marketing. We wanted to make connections with people – to make it easy for them to hear from us, and to get in contact with us. Text messaging, obviously [is important]. Everyone can text. Both of my grandmothers even can text! I know that’s not necessarily the bar we want to set, but still …I think it’s amazing. It’s making connections and keeping people informed. And that really became even more important when the pandemic hit.”

How did the pandemic impact you?

“Just a few months after I came on board we went into crisis mode, with shut downs and figuring out how to do business, and so communication was more important than ever.”

How has Eltropy helped you with marketing?

“With marketing – [and there are] a lot of the compliance issues – that’s where a lot of them come in. So being able to use both sides of the Eltropy tool to make sure we’re able to communicate and connect with our members was invaluable.”

What other results have you seen?

“One of my favorite things to recommend to people when I work with them over text is: ‘Hey, save this in your contacts.’ And then I sit there and help them build a CSU contact in their phone. And then say, “Just text us.” Because anyone can pull up their app on their phone and contact us.

“And then it makes it more personable. I love that we have different phone numbers for our department, but having that [personal] contact number, saying, ‘If you need to reach us at all, just text this number.’ Saved in their phone, with a little emoji – I like to recommend that people use the ‘star’ emoji! Because I get excited about texting people.” [They could also use the money or bank emoji.]