Members CCU

Vanessa Stusek

Regional Services Manager, Members Co-operative Credit Union
  • I’ve been with Members for 17 years
  • One of the things I’m really proud of is always challenging the status quo; it doesn’t matter how we’re doing it – how can we do things more efficiently.


  • How to stay ahead of all that moment. The industry moves fast. The people move fast. Just trying to find the next greatest thing that will really help our members.
  • We’ve used Eltropy in a lot of ways to contact our members and make sure our members have the ability to contact us – wherever they’re at. 
  • Video banking is one of the things we’ve allowed at our institution, and it allows us to connect with the members whether they’re in their home, they’re traveling, they’re abroad, or they’re in our branch location. 


  • You also get that security with that identification by using video banking.
  • It’s given us a lot of good opportunities and helped us build those relationships.