Amanda Pack

Account Control Manager, SAFE Federal Credit Union

Amanda Pack
Accounts Control Manager
SAFE Federal Credit Union

What has been your biggest accomplishment?
One of my biggest accomplishments has been becoming a mother while advancing my career.

What’s the landscape for Collections today?
Since the pandemic people have been dealing with unemployment. Going back to work. Their
benefits are reduced. Inflation is expensive. Gas is expensive. People are really at a hardship.
They need someone who understands. That’s a challenge when you’re a business. Because
you also have heart for your members and what they’re going through.

What challenges are Eltropy helping you resolve?
To be able to reach more people where they’re at. When you have a large array of members –
they might be on different schedules, or ages (I have a Millennial and I know – they don’t like
picking up the telephone when someone calls and you don’t recognize the number!), to be able
to bridge that gap and meet people where they are.

When we do get them on the phone and give them some information and they say “Can you just
text it to me?” we’ve had to say no, we can’t – until now!

How has the Leadership Summit been?
It’s been awesome. Great to network with people who have been on the platform. I’ll be
reaching out to some people I’ve met who use the same Collections systems we use.