Jenny Neubeck

Director, Remote Services, Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

Jenny Neubeck, Director of Remote Services

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

What issues were you trying to solve?

We implemented this during the pandemic. It was right in the middle of the chaos of the pandemic. Our branches were closed. Our phone lines and the volume through our voice channel was incredibly high. We were trying to give our members another way to receive the services other than walking into our financial institution.

Did you have a solution in place already?

It was mostly discovery. We had our drive-thru [branches] open, but lobbies were closed. We utilized our staff across the entire institution to help support our phone volume. It was the only way they could be helped – other than online banking and mobile.

Results of implementing Eltropy?

When we went live we really were not sure what to expect and how members would adopt the channel. It was during a time when there was so much uncertainty in the world, and [yet] our members have adopted it. 

We did a very soft launch, because we weren’t sure if we were staffed correctly for the volume we would receive. But really, members found the channel. And then once we started advertising it, it has grown.

It’s really an incredible service for members to get assistance without having to travel anywhere. We’re finding a lot of our members out of the country. They might be in a country where our online banking services are blocked. So it’s a way for us to serve them, and we’re utilizing it in a variety of different ways.