Eltropy Announces Key Enhancements to Unified Conversations Platform

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Eltropy, the leading AI-powered conversations platform for community financial institutions (CFIs), today announced significant enhancements to its Unified Conversations Platform. These improvements include Voice+, a modern voice and contact center solution, SBR 2.0 for advanced skill-based routing, Lobby Management features, and additional productivity-boosting updates.

Eltropy Voice+ integrates voice capabilities with digital channels like texting, video, and chat, all enhanced by an AI layer. This creates a comprehensive unified contact center solution for voice, digital, and AI interactions as agents benefit from a streamlined “single pane of glass” interface, enabling more efficient and effective customer service.

The updated Skill-Based Routing (SBR 2.0) introduces several new features:

  • Queue Priority for handling high-value interactions first
  • Agent Proficiency matching based on language skills
  • Offline Queue for after-hours messages
  • Cross-Channel concurrency to determine simultaneous channel handling
  • Improved performance with faster agent allocation


Lobby Management, part of Eltropy’s Total Branch Solution, offers efficient check-ins, queue management, branch traffic analytics, and resource planning tools to enhance the in-branch experience, bridging the gap between digital banking and traditional branch services. 

Additional platform enhancements include updates to Appointment Management, a comprehensive view of AI and agent-handled interactions, supervisor dashboard improvements, and screen pop features for the agent workspace.

“These enhancements reaffirm our commitment to quality and mark one of our most significant engineering efforts to date,” said Ashish Garg, Co-founder and CEO of Eltropy. “We’re excited about the opportunities these improvements will create for credit unions and community banks to elevate their overall member, customer, and employee experience in banking.”

Early adopters of Voice+ include Edwards Federal Credit Union, Natco Credit Union, Novations Credit Union, Oregonians Credit Union, and People First Federal Credit Union.

“What Eltropy is doing with its Unified Conversations Platform will only magnify and highlight all the other technology enhancements that we’re currently making for our members across all departments of the organization,” said Carter Pope, CEO of Edwards Federal Credit Union. “In the end, we’re improving our financial and communications technology to help our employees first, so they can in turn help our members have a better banking experience.”
“Voice+ will make a big difference in how we serve our members,” said Howie Meller, President and CEO of People First Federal Credit Union. “Our agents can now use voice alongside text, video, co-browsing, and AI help. This means we can solve problems faster and better, all in one place. It’s a real improvement for our members.”

For more information about these enhancements and how they can benefit your community financial institution, please visit https://eltropy.com/platform/june-22-release-highlights/

Webinar Alert: Eltropy’s Brianne Gumper will join a panel of experts in a webinar hosted by America’s Credit Union on Wednesday, June 26, at 3:00 p.m. ET. The webinar will discuss strategies to protect credit unions and their members from rising delinquencies while maintaining excellent service and managing costs through technology and automation. Register here.

About Eltropy

Eltropy is the leading conversations platform for credit unions and community banks (CFIs). Its AI communications tools empower CFIs to communicate, automate, improve operations and engagement, and increase productivity across the institution – all while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance. Using Eltropy’s platform allows credit unions and community banks to connect with and service their members and customers anytime, anywhere via Text, SMS, Chat, Video, Voice — all integrated into a single platform. For more information, please visit eltropy.com.

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