Digital + AI First Contact Center

Add Digital Channels & AI Enable your Phone Calls

Serve your members & customers in the channel of their choice-Text, Chat, Digital Audio, Video, Phone. Increase FCR and CSAT and Reduce AHT with Eltropy's All-In-One solution for Contact Center.

AI Enable your contact center communication channels
Eltropy messenger

Text with your Members & Customers

Text enable your customer care numbers & make it easy for your members and customers to connect with you on the go. 

Eltropy Messenger is intuitive to use and infused with AI to help agents respond to text faster with type ahead assistant and much more.

Add Live Help to your website and mobile app

With online banking getting traction, most customers go to your website and mobile app before deciding to contact you. Make it easy for them to reach you by adding Live Help and engaging with your customers with Secure Chat, Digital Audio and Video, all in same engagement.
Live Help on Website and Mobile App for Credit Unions


Give your agents the power to see what members & customers are seeing in their browser when they visit your website. 

Co-browse to guide them to fill out forms and navigate your website and much more. Increase the FCR reduce the AHT by putting your agents and members & customers on same page.

Text Enable your Phone Calls

Most people call from mobile phones. Prevent fraud with 2FA of callers via Texting. Your agents can Talk and Text at same time to provide more efficient service for digitally savvy members & customers. For complex issues, add a co-browsing session to the call and get the agents and members/customers on same page.

Call to Text

Video Banking
Not just Video

Use video to replicate in-branch experience virtually. Just like in-branch banking, verify the customer using video and ID, sign or notarize the documents, deposit large checks and much more with video designed for banking.

Video Banking

Omni-Channel Intelligent Virtual Agent

Deploy Intelligent Virtual Agent to handle repetitive front line issues across all your channels, including Voice. Replace IVR with Intelligent Virtual Agent and automate over 40% of your calls. Resolve 40% of engagements in Text and Chat. With warm transfer to human agents, create an AI+Human symbiosis to delight your members and customers.

Omnichannel Conversation Intelligence

Unlock hidden actionable insights in your enterprise-wide omni-channel conversations. Transcribe and analyse your agent-customer conversations and identify real-time and historical insights using text, sentiment and emotional analytics to improve CX, streamline operations, boost revenue growth and mitigate compliance risk.

“Pandemic or not, 70% of our members said they plan to never come back to a branch for their banking needs”

“Eltropy helped us digitally connect members with branch, lending, collection, and contact center associates using one singular solution across all channels. We evaluated many of the top vendors in this market, and only Eltropy could deliver what we were looking to provide.”

Kent Lugrand

Kent Lugrand
President & CEO

Digitize your Contact Center for the Best Experience

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