One-click Phone Calls without a Phone

With a single click, lenders and collections teams can seamlessly add phone calls to Text conversations .

Take Text conversations
to next level

Combine the wide reach of Texting with the immediacy of Voice for more efficient task completion.

Place phone calls directly from your web browser, eliminating the need for a hard phone.

Record, store, and analyze phone calls as part of Eltropy conversations.

One-Click Calling

Easily initiate a phone call with the member you’re texting directly from the browser with just one click, without the necessity of a hard phone.

Record Calls

Optionally, record the phone calls and save them as part of the conversation. Replay the call at any time to have the complete context for your next interaction with the member.

Analyze Calls

Connect Text to Talk with Eltropy’s Conversation Intelligence to gain insights into member conversations, call performance, and agent efficiency, enabling you to enhance your training and minimize compliance concerns.
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