Driving Efficiency with Eltropy’s Omni-Channel Intelligent Virtual Agent

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In the modern, fast-paced world of financial services, efficiency in customer interactions is paramount. Eltropy is taking a groundbreaking approach to this challenge with its Omni-Channel Intelligent Virtual Agent—a solution designed to revolutionize the way contact centers operate in financial institutions. By employing Eltropy’s Intelligent Virtual Agent, institutions can automate over 30% of their contact center interactions, enabling streamlined and responsive customer engagement. Built on a proprietary AI Banking Stack and integrated with an OmniChannel Digital Communication Platform, Eltropy’s solution is uniquely positioned as the industry’s only managed omni-channel virtual agent specifically designed for banking needs. This innovation provides an essentially infinite virtual labor force that works tirelessly around the clock, ensuring that support agents are always available to assist customers when they need help.

The brilliance of Eltropy’s Omni-Channel Intelligent Virtual Agent lies not just in its technological prowess but also in its harmonious collaboration with human agents. This symbiotic relationship between AI and human expertise results in higher customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores while simultaneously lowering operational costs. The system is designed to seamlessly handle routine calls and inquiries, freeing human agents to focus on more complex and sensitive customer needs. When necessary, the Intelligent Virtual Agent can ‘automagically’ escalate calls to human colleagues, ensuring that customers always receive the level of care and attention they require. Keep reading to learn more about how Eltropy’s Intelligent Virtual Agent is driving unprecedented efficiency in customer interactions and setting new standards for responsiveness and satisfaction in the financial industry.

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A New Era of Contact Center Automation

A New Era of Contact Center Automation

Eltropy’s Managed IVA (Intelligent Virtual Agent) is designed to automate across all channels. By replacing traditional IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems with IVA, institutions can automate more than 40% of their calls. This not only results in a significant reduction in average handling time (AHT) through automated authentication and call deflection but also allows financial institutions to provide after-hour services for frontline issues. Beyond calls, Eltropy’s solution automates 40% of chat and text customer service engagements, thanks to its fast start with a 500+ skills template library. Additionally, this move towards automation reduces the chance of human error, resulting in more consistent and reliable service. Plus, it allows institutions to scale customer service operations more flexibly in response to changing demand.

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Unveiling the Tech Core: Eltropy’s Specialized AI Framework for Banking

Eltropy’s Intelligent Virtual Agent is designed around a cutting-edge, industry-specific, multi-channel artificial intelligence framework. This framework is harmoniously tied to a comprehensive digital communication platform that spans the entire enterprise. Central to this framework is Eltropy’s own set of AI tools, finely tuned to the lexicon and compliance needs of the banking domain. This includes Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), sophisticated intent detection algorithms, moderation tools, and compliance monitoring mechanisms, all meticulously woven into the Eltropy Digital Communication Platform. Such specialization ensures that the AI system is fluent in banking language and rigorously adheres to sector-specific regulations, which is fundamental in safeguarding the precision and security of each client interaction. This thoughtful integration aims to create fluid handoff points between AI and human representatives, thereby elevating the overall customer service experience. Additionally, the AI system is designed to continually refine its performance, learning progressively from each interaction to become increasingly adept and efficient as time progresses.

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Business Benefits of Eltropy’s Omni-Channel Intelligent Virtual Agent

The primary business benefit of deploying Eltropy’s Intelligent Virtual Agent is a tangible improvement in the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is a key indicator of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Financial institutions using Eltropy’s IVA are positioned to become preferred entities in the eyes of consumers due to the enhanced and responsive service they can provide. Moreover, this powerful automation capability enables institutions to optimize their operations, doing more with less and thereby increasing efficiency while reducing operational costs. For employees, the Intelligent Virtual Agent lifts much of the routine burden from human agents, leading to higher Agent Satisfaction (ASAT) scores, which in turn leads to better service as satisfied agents are typically more productive and engaged in their work. Importantly, higher ASAT scores often correlate with reduced employee turnover, which represents another potential cost saving.

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