Simplify: The Essential Word for Shifting Culture to Digital

Navigating the Culture Change for a Digital Transformation

The shift to digital is underway, and has been for quite some time across people’s daily lives. The way in which people communicate has changed, and this can be said about the way they communicate with their Financial Institutions. With expanding online capabilities, new ways to connect with members and more technologies available than ever before, Financial Institutions are able to communicate with their customers on their preferred platforms of communication. 

While the shift to digital is an important facet of growing and strengthening any Financial Institution, it does come with its challenges. Between trying to identify the best solutions from a wave of different technologies, getting your members onboarding with the shift to more digital processes or implementing those technologies properly to your organization, certain roadblocks stand in the way of properly undergoing a digital transformation. An essential step into doing so is changing the culture behind your organization, to embrace one of digital communication as an important part of your every interaction. Your Financial Institution should keep the following in mind when navigating through this culture change to a digital approach.

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Set Clear Goals

It’s easy to want to digitize every department and every facet of your organization with the latest and shiniest technology. But trying to go from an in-person, physical branch dominated approach to a digitally dominated approach requires a solid roadmap of implementation. First, your team, who will be using said softwares on a daily basis, will need time to train and become experts with the new software being given to them. Second, for members, trying to change the culture around the institution they joined overnight risks alienating them by trying to introduce too much, too quickly. The name of the game is to simplify, a focus on simplifying processes for your members in order to build more engaged & more loyal members, & for your teams to encourage them to adopt these features quicker and implement them further in your organization. 

Identifying which departments are best suited for a major digital transformation is a critical step in shifting your culture to a more digitally acclimated approach. With proper execution, this will give the rest of your departments a template in how to properly onboard new technologies, and offer them to your members in the easiest way possible. While the technological capabilities of an enterprise-class omnichannel digital communications platform can have a major impact on all departments through multiple channels of communication, starting with one or two departments, like lending and customer member service, and honing in on one channel, like Text, is a great starting point. For example, when a member signs up with your Financial Institution for the first time, sending them an automated welcome message with an Opt-In for certain programs is an excellent way to introduce your member to not only your offerings, but your digital communication capabilities, all without overwhelming them.

Keep Members In Mind

The point of bringing on these new technologies is ultimately around one goal, better serving your members. With that being said, it’s important to keep in mind when going about implementing newer technologies, and in the manner in which you do. While members want these new technologies to be able to use your services easier, change is still challenging for people, regardless of the reasoning. Ease of use is vital in successfully transitioning to a digital centric culture, not only for members, but for your team as well.

For example: an omnichannel digital communication platform with built in integrations to software like docusign can expedite a loan process by 95%.

A software that is easy to use for both your members and your team will encourage them to utilize it more and more, and thus lead to adoption across more departments.

The best type of technology that offers a seamless cultural transition to digital is an enterprise-class omnichannel digital communications platform; one that offers easy implementation and a variety of channels, like Video, Text, Cobrowsing, Secure Chat, & AI. The omnichannel platform that goes above and beyond is one that not only has those channels, but allows your members to incorporate their preferred channels seamlessly into any interaction with your Financial Institution. Eltropy is the enterprise-class omnichannel digital communications platform, built for Financial Institutions. Our best in class software is aided by our best in class team (but don’t take our word for it, hear it from our customers). To learn more about how Eltropy is enabling our customer to shift their culture to a more digital centric approach, request a demo today.

Sr. Director of Customer Success

by Caan Nguyen

Sr. Director of Customer Success

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