WATCH: A Window into the Future: See the power of video banking’s current-day capabilities

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There’s been a lot of chatter about the future of banking. And while being up-to-date on the latest developments and technologies are vital, community financial institutions need solutions they can implement and utilize now to fight fraud, grow loan portfolios and improve member experience.

Video Banking represents the best of both worlds from a technology perspective: it brings the future of banking to your team right now. From virtual notary to ID scans, live observe to check deposits, revolutionizing your CFI is not as far away as you may think. 

Our rockstar product team ran a webinar all about how video is the tool CFIs can use right now to battle back against sophisticated and deleterious technologies. Here are some of the highlights:

Empowering CFIs of All Sizes:

The webinar highlighted how video banking can impact CFIs of all sizes, regardless of their geographic location. It showcased how this innovative technology brings the future of banking to your team right now, helping you fight fraud, grow loan portfolios, and improve member experiences.

Proactive Consumer Engagement:

One of the critical aspects discussed was the role of proactive consumer engagement in enhancing member experiences. The webinar emphasized how video banking enables CFIs to actively engage with consumers, fostering loyalty and building lasting relationships.

Live Demonstration of Video Capabilities:

Attendees were treated to a live demonstration of our current video capabilities, showcasing the seamless integration of virtual notary services, video verify, ID scans, live observations, and check deposits. This firsthand experience illustrated how video banking can streamline processes and elevate your CFI’s performance.

Watch the Webinar On Demand

Couldn’t join us for the live webinar? Don’t worry! We have made the recorded session available for you to watch on demand. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the powerful capabilities of video banking and discover practical strategies to enhance your CFI’s operations.

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