Prevent Digital Fraud

Provide digital services your members want while keeping fraudsters at bay with Eltropy Fraud Prevention solutions.

“In one year on the Eltropy platform, Video Banking became our top channel for account and loan origination. Since we require non-branch wires to be verified over Video Banking, our number of incidents of fraudsters impersonating our members has decreased to zero.”

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Identify Your Members and Customers Digitally.

With a 113% increase in identity theft, and a rise in phishing, smishing, and vishing – where malicious entities use deceptive emails, text messages, and voice calls respectively, to extract personal information from your customers – it’s now more crucial than ever to implement secure and effective identity verification methods.

With Eltropy’s Video Verify, empower your financial institution with real-time identity verification through smart ID scans, KBA, and live video interactions – a robust defense against identity theft and related fraud.

Boost member authentication by 300% with Eltropy’s Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) OTP capability. Enable your CFI to swiftly and securely verify an individual’s identity by delivering OTPs directly to their mobile device, thereby enhancing the login experience.

Eliminate the need for in-person branch visits

With Video Verify, CFIs can verify the identities of members and customers using real-time government ID verification, and knowledge-based authentication, and video capabilities. This reduces the risk of fraudulent activities like account takeovers and identity theft, ensuring secure and fully authenticated member identities – all without the need for physical branch visits.
ID Verification via Video for Notarization

Secure Authentication without user experience trade-offs

Achieve optimal security without compromising user experience using Eltropy’s OTP solution, seamlessly generating unique one-time passwords to add an extra layer of protection during authentication processes.

Outsmart Fraudsters: Achieves 0% Fraud Rate

“This platform offers a safe and user-friendly banking experience by requiring our members to show their faces during interactions. This simple step has acted as a powerful deterrent, causing fraudsters to abandon their attempts and bail on the call.”

Kim Preston, 

Director of Member Experience

Stop Impersonation Fraud with Real-Time OTP Authentication

“When we started getting callers trying to impersonate members, we realized the fraudsters were evolving their methods. What Eltropy has brought us is an automated, one-time passcode (OTP), real-time authentication and document exchanges with members as well as for collection notifications, that have helped us stop the fraudsters — as we now quickly know with confidence when our agents are actually speaking to a member.”

Shelly Butler, 


Video Verify

Enhance security with Eltropy’s Video Verify—a robust solution that combines smart ID scans, live video interactions, and real-time government ID verification.
One-Time Password (OTP)
Generate and send OTP to authenticate members directly from Eltropy or other apps via APIs.
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