Balance Empathy & Recovery.
Drive Revenue Growth.

Instantly. That’s how fast you’ll increase responses from delinquent members or customers.

Empower Your Collections Team

Automate Early Intervention, Reduce Delinquency

Connect with delinquent members using Texting, which is much more effective, empathetic, and private [Texting]

Streamline debt recovery with automated campaigns for multiple delinquent accounts, saving valuable human effort. [Texting]

Reduce un-intended missed payments by sending automated reminders & notifications for upcoming payments [TextingCollection Integrations

Automate early intervention alerts for overdue accounts to free up your team for accounts that need hands-on attention [Texting, LOS Integrations]

Collect payments easily with secure payment links embedded in text messages (without needing extra app/ browser downloads) [TextingPayment Integrations]

Share and collect documents, sensitive information, links, and more in a secure & private manner with ease & speed [Texting, E-signing Integrations]

Offer personalized hardship programs & other options based on insights from member interactions across channels and integrations [Unified Analytics]

Access your knowledge base instantly (no more sifting through files & folders) for a more contextual and empathetic debt recovery conversation [Eltropy AI]

Share statements, settlement agreements, payment schedules, demand letters, and other relevant recovery documents in a secure & private manner[Texting]

Empower Your Members & Customers

Smart Virtual Collection

Provide 24/7 support with AI Agents that provide instant, accurate answers, enhancing self-service capabilities & reducing wait times [Eltropy AI]

Offer secure, hassle-free payments through links in text messages (no need for extra apps or browsers) [TextingPayment Integrations]

Experience The Unified Impact

Go beyond piecemeal solutions that lack clear impact and drive real value through increased member satisfaction, employee productivity, revenue and retention, all at scale.

$3.7 M

Overall drop in delinquency from December 2023 to March 2024

(Alltru Credit Union)


Faster member authentication 45 Seconds to authenticate

(Idaho Central Credit Union)


Faster lending process, 3 days reduction in loan approval time

(Patelco Credit Union)


Higher response rate with Text than other modes of communication

(Family Savings CU)


Increase in number of accounts opened with In-branch Video

(Xplore Federal Credit Union)


Reduction in loan approval times, application completion <10 mins

(Natco Credit Union)

Integrated Tech Stack

Connect with an extensive network of leading technology vendors catering to community financial institutions such as Core systems, CRM, LOS, AOS, Collections, and other essential providers.

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How Credit Unions and Banks Are Transforming with AI

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