Text Messaging for
Loss Mitigation

Have you deferred loan payments in response to Covid-19?

Are you prepared for a Tsunami of delinquencies?

Eltropy can help with both.

Early Stage

Automated 1:Many Texting

Payment Reminders

Late Stage

Personalized 1:1

Conversational Texting

“Texting as a method of communication has been very effective not only in the late stage collection but also reaching some of our members in the earlier stages of collections. We are very satisfied with this process.”

Bert Jones

Account Resolution Manager

Texting is 40x more effective than phone calls for Collections

Shawn Spratte

“Our members who would never pick up our collections calls opened up their hearts on Text. I continue to be blown away with how effective Text Messaging is for loss mitigation.”

Shawn Spratte

SVP of Loss Mitigation & Communication Center

Text Messaging for Credit Unions

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