Faster and Efficient Collections with Digital Conversations

Make collections communication 40x more effective with automated reminders, 1:1 digital interactions and AI-driven insights

“Our members would almost never pick up our collections calls but opened up their hearts on Text.”
Picture of Shawn Spratte

Shawn Spratte

VP of Collections

Combine reach of Texting with richness of Voice and Video.

Reach and engage members in the channel of their choice-Text Messaging

Reduce un-intended delinquency by automated payment reminders with integrated payment links

Add Voice and Video to Text conversations to bring immediacy and empathy to collection conversations

Reduce unintended delinquencies

Borrowers frequently overlook their due dates, and traditional outreach methods often get ignored. With Eltropy Texting and integration with collection systems, send manual or automated payment reminders.

Recover more from delinquent accounts

Most people ignore phone calls but are willing to talk once asked via Text. With Eltropy Texting, initiate 1:1 conversations during late-stage delinquencies.

Accelerate Swift Resolutions with Text to Talk

Addressing late-stage delinquent accounts often demands more than just text-based communication. With Eltropy Text to Talk, transition to a voice call while dealing with late-stage delinquent accounts to provide a more personal approach and help resolve outstanding issues more efficiently.

Text to talk

Pay by Text

Experience the convenience of ‘Pay by Text’. With Eltropy, CFIs can provide their members and customers with automated reminders, enabling them to make timely payments and effortlessly avoid late fees. Our solution ensures that texts and personal information are transmitted securely, adhering to PCI DSS standards.

Supercharge your Collections with AI

Use AI Chat and Voice to deliver empathetic payment conversations and resonate positively with members. Utilize Conversation Intelligence to analyze interaction effectiveness, allowing you to scale the best-performing messages and optimize your collections approach.

CI data by Eltropy

Improve Member Experience

“We’re excited about the future. We realize there’s so much more we can do to utilize Eltropy across other departments here at Hughes.”

Leticia Amado,

Collections Manager

Hughes Federal Credit Union

Better Conversations

“I continue to be blown away with how effective Eltropy’s Text Messaging Platform has performed for loss mitigation”

Shawn Spratte,

VP of Collections

Boost Collections Productivity

“It’s like clock work. You see the messages go out, and the payments come in.”

Sean Chambers,


Increase Engagement

“When we do get them on the phone and give them some information and they say “Can you just
text it to me?” we’ve had to say no, we can’t – until now!”

Amanda Pack

Accounts Control Manager

Text Messaging

Accelerate collections with 1:1 Texting and 1:Many Text Campaigns

Integrate with Collections Systems

Use Eltropy with Collection Systems like Temenos, Akuvo and others to send automated alerts, instant notifications, sync text history, and deliver 1:1 Text messages and communicate with applicants in real-time.

Text to Talk

Add phone calls to Text with one click using Text to Talk.

Video Verify

Minimizing fraud risk, without requiring members to visit a branch, with Video Verify.

Conversation Intelligence

Get insights about your collections officer’s conversations to better train and upskill your team with Conversation Intelligence. Monitor and flag compliance issues.

Payment Integrations

Generate a report to review the amount collected from members. Send payment reminder alerts through integrations with LOS, Core and Collections system. Track member logins and payments within Swivel, MessagePay, etc.


Use Co-browse to guide members with a past-due account on your site directly to payment options or seamlessly shift to voice or video calls.


Integration Framework and APIs

Integrate with any systems to launch Eltropy Messenger, send documents, sync conversations, and much more using our Integration Framework and APIs.

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