Next Generation Business Text Messaging Designed for CFIs

Strengthen relationships with swift, friendly, and convenient “always-on” two-way communication channel that members love.

A Text Messaging Solution that talks your language

Eltropy Text messaging is tailored for CFIs, offering seamless out of the box integrations with over 35 systems, including Core, LOS, Collection, CRM and more.

Get conversational in your Text marketing with 2-way communication.

Seamlessly and simultaneously add Video, Voice, and Chat to Text conversations when needed.

1:1 Texting

1:1 Texting feature enables direct and personalized communication between your employees and customers, without sharing personal phone numbers. With 1:1 Texting, loan and collections officers get faster responses back from the clients. When deployed as part of members’ service channel, it is like putting members’ service in the pocket of your members.

Automated Texting

With automated Texting, send automatic alerts, notifications, payment updates, loan statuses, and reminders to members. A response to the alerts can be routed to the right departments and employees with Skill-Based Routing.

Text Campaigns

Use 1:Many Text Campaigns to generate more business, provide member updates, and emergency communication to employees and members.

With built-in opt-in lists, sending compliant promotional messaging is a breeze. Easily import existing contact lists from other systems.

Add images to make your promotional messages pop. Schedule campaigns for maximum impact.

Team Texting

When Texting, Text from a department or team number and handle the responses collectively as a team. If a team member is out of office, let other team members handle the queries and service your customer without missing a beat using automated routing.

Text Messaging On Steroids

Combine the ease of 1:1 Texting with power of 35+ automation integrations with Core, LOS, Collections, CRM and many more systems.

Text Analytics and Intelligence

With Text Analytics, track volume, response rate, and handle time trends by Texting type, departments and by employees. See how many unique members are contacted via Texting over time. With Conversation Intelligence for Texting, monitor for PII, ensure compliance, and get insights into tone of the conversations without having to review all the conversations manually.
Secure Document Collection and Content Sharing
Sending and receiving documents over Text is NOT secure. Instead, use the built-in capability to send and receive documents via secure links.
Schedule Messages
To prevent sending Texts during inconvenient hours for members, schedule them to be sent at the most impactful time.
Send Group Messages
Let your relationship manager send the same Text to multiple contacts without having to create Campaigns.
Internal Notes & Tags
Add Tags to the conversations to track contact reasons, or use any method that suits your department. Add notes for internal communication visible only to your employees within Eltropy for contextual information.
One Time Password (OTP)
Generate and send OTP for member authentication directly from Eltropy or other apps via API. Combining OTPs with your existing authentication enhances security through 2FA.
Video Verify
For high-value transactions, enhance the Text conversation by incorporating video, and use Video Verify for the ultimate multi-factor authentication (MFA).
Collect Reviews
Conveniently collect member reviews by sending them a link to Google Reviews and other sites at the right moment via a Text link.
Send Appointment Links

When you’ve concluded helping a member via Text, simply send a link to Eltropy Appointments and allow members schedule an appointment at their preferred time and channel.

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