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Try asking...

What is my account balance?
What’s my net worth?
I would like to know my last 5 transactions
How can I order checks?
What is the status of my checks on a specific account?
I want to make a loan payment
What is my next loan payment due date?
What is my outstanding loan amount?
How do I view my loan history
How can I add another cardholder to my account?
How do I check my account history?
How to transfer funds to another member of the credit union?
Skip-a-payment information
Where can I find ATMs that won’t charge me a fee?
How do I check the balance on my Credit Union Visa Debit Card?
Can I receive a text message when my balance gets low?
How many transfers can I make from my savings account each month?
Is my CU account federally insured?
How can I update my name, address and phone number?
How do I get immediate service?
What is the legal age to open a checking account?
Why should I join a credit union instead of a traditional bank?
Can I join and get a loan at the same time online?
What’s the difference between a credit union and a bank?
Is there a minimum deposit required to become a member?
What are your service charges?
Do you offer free checking?
How do I change the beneficiary on an account?
What is the IBAN number for credit union?
What is the benefit of becoming a member?
Who is eligible to become a member?
Can I join the credit union online?
What can this bot do?
Can I become a member with a low credit score?
Secure Login
How do I lower the interest rate on my credit card?
Can I add a joint owner on the account?
I want to add Mother/Father to my account
Who do I call with a question?
How do I pay bills in the mobile app?
Is the Mobile App free?
Can I have multiple savings account?
How do I find my tax statements?
How do I change my loan due date?
Is there a cost for online bill pay?
What type of children’s account do you offer?
What are your membership restrictions?
Are debit card available for youth and teen accounts?
How many accounts can I have?
How do I calculate how much equity I have?
Is Mobile Text secure?
How can I setup my digital wallet?
Can I use the same username on multiple accounts?
Can I open a checking account without a savings account?
What is the difference between a credit card and a debit card?
What holidays are you closed?
What are all the benefits of e-statement?
How do I set up automatic bill pay?
How do I setup wire transfer?
Can I stop a payment on a visa card?
If I lose my debit or credit card, can I turn off my card to prevent any fraud from occurring?
What kind of credit cards do you have?
How do I increase my Credit Limit?
How do I update my pin? (Credit/Debit Cards)
What is a credit card?
Do you have a credit card rewards program?
How long does it take to recieve a credit card after being approved?
What is the maximum limit on the credit card?
How do i activate my credit card?
Do I have to be a current member to apply for a credit card?
Do you have loan calculator?
What is Online Deposit?
Can I refinance my auto loan?
Are there new fees for refinancing my home loan?
Does credit union offer a college scholarship?
What should I do if my personal or account information is compromised?
Does the credit union offer PPP (Paycheck protection Program) loans?
Does Credit Union offer home loans in all states?
What are your current auto loan rates?
If my credit is not very good, does that mean my interest rate will be higher?
Does the credit union offers an extension on loans?
How long do I have to accept the loan offer?
If I live out of state, can I still get a loan?
what happens if loan rate changes during my approval period?
How does credit union determine my interest rate?
what is gauranteed asset protection?
What documents are required to apply for a business loan?
What types of personal loans do you offer?
When will I know if my loan has been approved?
How are my taxes paid?
What is the difference between traditional IRA and Roth IRA?
When will my property taxes be paid by the credit union?
Where is my tax refund?
Do I need to send credit union a copy of my tax bill?
Can I deduct the interest I pay on my home equity line of credit from my taxes?
Why do I need a tax id number?
Can I access my tax forms online?
What is the limit on withdrawing money from the ATM?
Is there a limit on how much I can transfer?
Can I use Credit Union service center to do transactions?
How can I cancel or stop a visa recurring debit card transaction?
What are the ATM fees?
Is there a dollar limit on debit card transactions in 24 hours period?
How do I modify or delete a scheduled transaction?
What should I do if I suspect fraud on my account?
My card was lost/stolen what should I do?
What is fraud alert management?
How can I protect my accounts from fraud?
What do I do if my credit card statement shows a charge I did not make?
What do I do if my checkbook is stolen?
How do I dispute a charge appear on my credit card?
My card is being declined what should I do?
How does credit union protect me from fraud?
What if I get a phone call or text asking for a personal information?
Find ATM/Branch
When will my tax forms be available?
Where can I get a free credit report?
What happens to my money if something like Hurricane hits this area?
Where can I find the credit union’s privacy statement?
Where can I find the credit union’s terms of use?
Who owns a credit union?
What is meant by a “continuation of subordination agreement”?
Can I get your mobile app?
I would like to share my feedback
Is my information protected in the app?
How is my credit score calculated?
Is the credit union FDIC insured?
I want to refer a new member
Can I choose what notifications are sent to me?
Help me with retirement planning and investment
How can I see job and career options with your Credit Union?
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