Increase Conversion Rate with Conversational Text Marketing

Email open rates are now below 20% and trending downwards. On the other hand, text messages boast a remarkable open rate of 98%. In this text-first world, it’s time to re-think traditional marketing methods and reach your members through their preferred channel.

“Our lead generation for our loans is stronger than it’s ever been before. In fact, we’ve had to expand and build out two teams to meet the demand.”
Picture of Robert Blake

Robert Blake

VP of Marketing

Arkansas Federal Credit Union


Texting is highly regulated but too valuable of a marketing channel to ignore simply because of regulations. We specialize in helping you maintain compliance with our technology and best practice guidelines.

Our user-friendly Text Campaign functionality allows you to effortlessly build and manage opt-in databases. Run multiple campaigns simultaneously and use powerful analytics to gain insights and optimize your Text campaigns

Give the option to your members and customers to directly interact with loan officers and contact center agents via Text, initiating conversations instantly. Use Conversation AI and keywords to expand your conversational marketing efforts.

Run Text Campaigns Like a Champ

With our easy-to-use Text Campaign functionality, build and maintain opt-in database with ease. Send out large, automated text campaigns to keep your members informed about limited-time loan offers, new savings products, or critical updates on policy changes.

Start Lending Conversations with Text

Provide your members and customers with the option to engage in direct 1:1 Text messaging with loan officers and contact center agents, kickstarting meaningful conversations.

Attract New Members through the Power of Search

Make it simple for your members and customers to rate your financial institution. With Eltropy Reputation Management seamlessly integrate with review platforms, send text with review links and increase net positive reviews and boost SEO.
Reputation management

Identify Engaged Consumers and Contact them Proactively

Receive analytics on multiple data points, such as instances when prospects engage with your Content using Eltropy Insights.

Streamline Appointments with Text Marketing

Effortlessly include appointment booking links in your text marketing campaigns, giving consumers the convenience to schedule in-person or virtual appointments with ease.

Average Leads per Month


Increase in Digital Engagement


Inrease in Click-through Rate


Connect Securely with Digital Conversations

“With marketing, there were a lot of compliance issues. So being able to use both sides of the Eltropy tool to make sure we’re able to communicate and connect with our members was invaluable.”

Chrysta Bryce
Marketing Manager

Arkansas Federal Credit Union

Driving Loan Applications by Improving Member Marketing

“Once we got Text messaging up and running, the staff was able to get a hold of it really quickly. Everybody already sends Text messages everyday, so using the Eltropy interface instead of their phones meant there was almost no learning curve.”

Robert Blake
VP of Digital Marketing

Text Campaigns

Run 1:many Text messaging campaigns, whether for informational or promotional purposes, and connect directly with a large audience directly on their mobile devices. Centralize your opt-in database to ensure compliance by excluding consumers who have opted out. Add images to make your promotional messages pop.
Conversation Intelligence
Unlock the power of data-driven marketing, with our proprietary AI-powered insights and analytics. Identify and target the most engaged leads, allowing you to tailor your marketing campaigns effectively. Gain a deep understanding of your customers’ conversations and align your strategies for maximum impact.
Marketing Cloud Integrations
Whether you prefer to design and execute campaigns within your favorite tools like Salesforce, Adobe, or Prisma Campaigns, or leverage Eltropy’s out-of-the-box integration and APIs, we empower you to effortlessly deliver your messages via Text.
Core Integrations
Effortlessly synchronize opt-in and opt-out data with popular core integrations such as Symitar, Sharetec, Correlation, CUProdigy, and more. This enables efficient management of customer preferences and ensures compliance.
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