Delightful Digital Conversations for Lending

Attract, convert, accelerate, and serve current and future members with friendly, efficient, and effective digital conversations.

“We’ve done a great job of keeping our delinquency rate low, but without the ability to text our members, that number would’ve gone up.”
APL FCU uses Eltropy to accelerate lending

Sean Manion

VP of Lending

Level up Lending.
Have Conversations with customers in the digital channels of their choice

Text-first Lending Conversation

Stop playing phone tag and avoid sending emails into a black hole. Members prefer texting, with a 98% open rate and a 3 minute response time. It’s the new way to stay in touch with members throughout the loan process.

Reduce Loans Abandonment Rate

Stand out from the competition by integrating Eltropy with your LOS (Loan Origination System) and send automated notifications and reminders directly from your LOS to keep consumers up-to-date on their loan milestones.

Frictionless Loan Origination

Eliminate the document collection drudgery by offering secure document collection links throughout the origination process and facilitating seamless e-signing.

Expedite Loan Closure

Traditional loan processing delays are a thing of the past. Eltropy’s Texting LOS Integration keeps consumers engaged and informed with automated “Pizza Tracker” type alerts at every milestone. Minimize drop-offs and close loans faster, enhancing efficiency and consumer satisfaction in one streamlined process.

Centralize your Lending Team

Maximize lending officers’ utilization and align with the preferences of digitally savvy customers by enabling virtual engagements with loan officers. Leverage Eltropy’s In-Branch Video for face-to-face connections with walk-in customers, and extend this accessibility online using Eltropy Remote Video, allowing consumers to interact with the centralized lending team directly through your website.

Simplify Appointment Scheduling for New Loan Applications

Eliminate the hassle of appointment scheduling with Eltropy Appointment Management, allowing consumers to book in-branch or remote meetings right from your website, ensuring a frictionless journey toward new loan applications.

Reputation management

Attract Borrowers with More and Better Online Reviews

As the lending landscape increasingly shifts online, a strong online reputation is crucial for attracting loan seekers. Use Eltropy’s Texting and Reputation Management to collectpositive reviews during the funding stage, when consumers’ satisfaction is highest. Turn your online reputation into a powerful magnet for potential borrowers.

On-the-Go Payments via Text

Eltropy’s text-based payments streamline the lending process, enabling secure and convenient transactions. Integrated with payment solutions, this feature allows borrowers to make payments directly via text messages.

Guided Loan Application Process and Post-Loan Service

Navigating loans can be complex and overwhelming. With Eltropy’s Live Help and Co-Browsing provide real-time guidance to help members navigate web forms effortlessly, reducing abandonment rates on your website. Visitors can connect instantly with trained representatives to understand loan terms, fill out applications, or get detailed explanations of loan products. 

Accelerated Lending

“The very first thing we do once a loan is approved is send them a congratulations text. We also send over an email, but what we’ve found is that overwhelming, people respond back via text.”

Pete VanGraafeliand

SVP Member Services

Quicker Response Time

“Eltropy has the best platform out there. It’s better than both our previous platform, ZipWhip, and the one we considered before choosing Eltropy, Solutions By Text. Nobody can match what Eltropy has to offer.”

Kristen Shambro,

Omni Manager

Centric FCU

20% Lesser Rate of Delinquency

“We’ve done a great job of keeping our delinquency rate low, but without the ability to text our members, that number would’ve gone up.”

Sean Manion,

VP of Lending


Driving Loan Applications through Digital Member Marketing

“Our lead generation for our loans is stronger than it’s ever been before. In fact, we’ve had to expand and build out two teams to meet the demand.”

Robert Blake

VP of Digital Marketing

Arkansas Federal Credit Union

100 Opt-ins within 5 Minutes

“What we’re doing now compared to before is leaps and bounds better; the base line was such a lift in the member service capabilities.”

Kimberly Davis,

Director of Sales and Services

Text Messaging

Accelerate lending with 1:1 Texting and Text Alerts.

Live Help

Provide Live Help with chat, video, audio, and co-browsing from loan pages on your website.

Text to Talk

Add phone calls to Text with one click using Text to Talk.

Video Verify

Minimizing fraud risk, without requiring members to visit a branch, with Video Verify.

Conversation Intelligence

Get insights about your loan officers’ conversations to better train and upskill your team with Conversation Intelligence.

Payment Integrations

Generate a report to review the amount collected from members. Send payment reminder alerts through integrations with LOS, Core and Collections system. Track member logins and payments within Swivel, MessagePay, etc.

Appointment Management Make it easy for members who prefer in-person or video meetings to start the loan process with Appointment Management.

LOS Integrations

Use Eltropy Loan Origination Systems such as MeridianLink, Temenos LOS, Origence, and Encompass to send 1:1 Text messages, securely collect and sync documents, and communicate with applicants in real-time.

E-Sign Integration

Collect and e-Sign documents seamlessly through e-Sign integration with DocuSign and IMMeSign.

Integration Framework and APIs

Integrate with any systems to launch Eltropy Messenger, send documents, sync conversations, and much more using our Integration Framework and APIs.

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