Text First Lending

Accelerate Lending with 1:1 Texting and Text Alerts

Your Consumers prefer Texting. With 98% open rate and only 3 mins to respond, Texting is the best way to stay in touch throughout the loan process.

Reduce Loans Abandonment Rate

Consumers are engaged with many Financial Institutions for loans. To stand-out from the competition, you need to enable your loan officers to be communication rockstars. Integrate Eltropy with your LOS and send automated notifications and reminders from within your LOS to keep consumers up-to-date on their loan milestones.

Frictionless Loan Origination

Many consumers give up on refinancing and getting new loans because of paperwork hassles. Slash through the document collection drudgery by providing secure document collection links through the loan origination process and seamlessly esign those documents. Keep your consumers engaged and motivated with virtual video meetings at the right loan origination milestones.

Happy Loan Servicing

Send Smart Reminders to reduce delinquency rate. Send automated milestone messages and educational messages to keep consumers loyal to your brand.

Lending Case Studies

Eltropy Integrates with your LOS Systems

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